Venture capital seed funds

We provide support to private equity/venture capital funds in their investment processes in entities in early stages of development (seed stage and subsequent ones).

We develop investment agreements and provide legal support relating to those agreements, establishing processes and taking part in their execution towards successful conclusion.

Equity investments

We use our extensive knowledge gained through many years of cooperation with our Clients to responsibly support equity investments, in particular with entities conducting business in the Internet industry.

We provide legal assistance in the preparation and execution of all types of investments; we are at your disposal if you need an analysis prepared or comprehensive preparation carried out on the legal side of investment projects.

Websites. E-commerce

We offer comprehensive services for websites, starting from their first steps and establishing the formal framework of their operation.

We develop rules and regulations tailored to every type of business taking into account the regulations concerning electronically supplied services, as well as consumer law and personal data protection regulations.

Construction investments. Real property

We support our Clients during multi-stage construction and real property investments, offering comprehensive advisory services covering the development of complete paperwork including the analysis of factual and legal background as part of real property due diligence.

Copyright. Computer programs

We specialise in contracts concerning copyright protection of traditional works, as well as specific regulations regarding computer software, including software license agreements, agreements for co-production of works based on computer software (games and applications).

We give advice to developers during negotiations related to software they create, its sale, licensing or market releases of computer games.

Due dillgence

We are at your disposal whenever you require legal due diligence of your company performed or the situation assessed in concern of an entity that is included in your plans.

Transaction security

We specialise in contract law and provide transaction security to our Clients thanks to meticulous analyses supported by our extensive experience in the negotiation and implementation of nonstandard contract clauses.

Personal data protection

PWe perform personal data protection due diligence of companies, in particular e-commerce entities, and implement solutions required by law and at the same time adjusted to the specific activity of our Clients.

Public procurement

We offer comprehensive services regarding the public procurement procedure that includes development of tender documentation and contract drafts for an ordering party, as well as support for a contractor participating in tender proceedings. We can also assist during an appeal procedure carried out by the National Chamber of Appeals (KIO).